Monday, April 6, 2009

Honest Scrap Bonus Edition

So I cheated and tagged a few people who had already been tagged in my original Honest Scrap Post... this will be the post in which I make up for that, and will probably be edited and added to on a daily basis.

To get things started I just discovered Arcane Asylum and Ultra's post on mages in OS had me literally laughing out loud. =P I was tempted to quote my favorite parts, but I'd hate to do that without his permission. Definitely worth a read!


  1. Thanks so much for the nice words, it always makes my day to know that people are enjoying my lunatic ranting. I would have commented sooner but I just got back from my honeymoon after tying the knot with the lovely Battlechicken ( I will get to work responding to my Honest Scrap award ASAP. Thanks again and I look forward to checking out your blog.

  2. PS, feel free to quote me anytime you like. My wife steals my best lines all the time so I'm very used to it!

  3. I do NOT steal all your lines! I come up with some myself!

    Okay, well; I come up with a few...

    I came up with one this week--oh, wait--


    Nice blog, Pixie; don't mind me. :-)

  4. Thanks guys, glad I posted it... I found a new blog to read to boot! My main is a druid and Boomkin is the one spec I know little about... there is much to be learned!