Friday, March 20, 2009


Welcome to my little corner of the world! I'm not sure how many people will actually wind up reading this, but at least it will give me a little outlet for the thoughts that go through my head on a daily basis. =P

A little about me... I've been playing WoW since right after BC came out. I started on a gnome mage, but for some reason decided I liked my druid better. And then I did the unthinkable. I leveled her resto, because I honestly didn't know any better. I assumed if I wanted to heal I had to be resto. I hit about level 67 and switched to feral and sped through those last few levels... regretting not having specced feral much earlier. I stuck with feral for a bit as I enjoyed the change, but eventually went back to resto when we switched from a PVP server to a PVE server. Ah, Exodar, how I love thee. Cho'gall was a nightmare. I will never go back to a PVP server... well maybe, if I level an OP class just for the purpose of PVP, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

My druid, Pixiedark, is my main and has now completed Naxx 10 and 25, VOA, EOE 10 and 25 (25 as of last week, woohoo) and OS 1D. My little mage got dragged around by guildies to a ton of heroics as soon as she hit 80, and I actually found out from a friend that I was just a Heroic Strat and 10 Man Maly away from getting the Champion of the Frozen Wastes title on a 2nd character! I have yet to do Maly... alts haven't started running it yet, but I am hoping to before 3.1 hits or I will be a very sad panda. Nobility is going to give OS 2D a shot this weekend, I am really hoping we get it down and can go for 3D soon.

I love my druid. She's my main, and she has a special place in my heart as silly as that may sound. She's more like the real me, only taller and skinnier. She's got a bit of a dark personality, but is always there to support those around her. I like helping people and fixing things, and so does she. Happily she doesn't take on as much emotionally as I do in real life when things don't go quite right! =P I've been resto for a long time, and I like to think I do my job well. Honestly, it's become pretty easy at this point, which is why I think I'm enjoying my other characters right now. When WOTLK came out everyone was afraid of the changes Druids would face... I welcomed them. I like change, despite nerfs, and I like the challenge of figuring out how to optimize my play based on those changes. Same deal with 3.1... lots of changes to come, lots of QQing going on, and I only get more and more excited. I may be cranky sometimes, but I am an optimist at heart. Oh, and I cannot wait to go feral as my other spec in 3.1. I've been collecting offspec gear (at half DKP) in raids and picking up gear in heroics as I can, and I am so excited to put on that gear in feral spec and see what the #'s look like. I miss my face smashing BamBamKittyRawrBear!

My mage, Pixielight, is a whole different story from my druid. She's the happy, fun, playful, silly one. And despite my love for my druid, my mage may just be my favorite character at the moment. She has been hating the guild rules about pugging, because we were not allowed to pug anything aside from 10 man Naxx/OS with no drakes and VOA, and is happy some of the rules have been changed to allow alts to pug after we've cleared everything for the week. Granted, that means fitting in a lot of raiding in on Sunday and Monday... but it's a nice change nonetheless. I have a tendency to strive for perfection... or at least be well educated, so I read a LOT on the forums and elsewhere when I was leveling her up to 80. She's been to Naxx 10, OS 10, and VOA a few times and been lucky on some drops. She's decently geared and is a blast to play, and is putting out more DPS than I thought she would at this point. I cannot wait to see how she'll do in 25mans.

Next in line is my 72 shammy. She's elemental and she may very well go resto when she hits 80. I have this thing for healing it seems... I'm leaving her out of the guild for now so she can pug whatever she likes when she hits 80 and gear up, maybe that's selfish but lately it seems it's easy to pug most raids and be successful and not have to worry about guildies being upset about me being on another character instead of doing blasted Hodir dailies for a minor upgrade to a shoulder enchant. =P It might sound crazy, having two healers, but with dual specs it'll be nice to have two healers I can bring to raids/heroics/etc since we always seem to be in demand. I have a feeling I'll be spending 1000G on Piari so she can go Ele/Resto instead of making my mage Arcane/Frost, but who knows... maybe I'll put enough away by then I can do dual specs on all three.

I also have a 69 Lock, 71 Hunter, and several lower level alts but the ones listed above are the ones I'm really enjoying right now. Well, I enjoy my lock, but she's not a huge priority right now... she's the one I level when I run out of rest XP on Piari. =P

OK, I think that's most definitely a long enough intro. Looking forward to rambling, venting, and maybe even sharing words of wisdom here and there. =)

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