Sunday, March 22, 2009

Green Dress Day, Woohoo!!!

Despite my usual utter lack of interest in clothes matching, I'm a tree after all, I have been pining over the Valorous Chest piece. I have had 3 Valorous pieces and the Heroes chest for quite some time, and for some reason it was really bothering me that I was still wearing the ugly purple/brown chest surrounded by pretty, shiny, green and yellow gear. And tonight after OS we did a quick run through the construct quarter and Gluth dropped it. And everyone else passed, thank goodness. Me = Happy Tree! Granted, it'll probably disappear once Ulduar opens up in 3.1 but still... I match for now.

Oh, and in other tree news, our own Phaelia has a piece named after her: Phaelia's Vestments of the Sprouting Seed. A fabulous tribute to someone who has taught many of us the art of being a tree. =)


  1. Grats! I'm glad you got your great (and matchey) gear :)