Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fair Warning... Rants Below!

I love this blog tag deal people have going on. I have found some truly wonderful blogs that I, most likely, wouldn't have found otherwise. They're all listed in my Blog Links now. =) A few of them are informative but a bit cynical... right down my alley... and they've got me thinking lately. My main is a resto druid, whom I love dearly, but I am so tired. Tired of healing, tired of raiding, tired of limitations on what my alts are allowed to raid/pug when they are never used in our regular 25mans... Tired of WoW in general aside from my alts. Miss Elf posted a while back about DPS who think their jobs are harder than ours. All we have to do is sit and watch green health bars and heal. DPS who say their jobs are harder than ours (who I used to try to empathize with) can die in a fire right now. ALL of our jobs are hard in one way or another. They require knowledge, practice, and attention to detail. Tanks, healers, and DPS are all important and all have easy or hard jobs based on the way you look at it.

I want to be on my mage more, and I want my shammy and hunter to be 80, and I cannot wait to go feral as my 2nd spec on my druid in 3.1. I want to rip faces apart. Is that so wrong? =) I am tired of my main right now, and I honestly feel a bit guilty about that. I feel guilty because I love her to pieces, she's my first 70 and now 80 and I love playing her, and knowing I do a damn fine job of it, but I am bored to tears raiding on her right now. And I don't know if I should quit altogether, or just skip raids on my main (because 4 hours in Naxx/OS/Maly/Etc 4 nights a week seems like a waste of time that I could be leveling an alt or, God forbid, actually living real life). The only reason to farm these would be for DKP since the majority of the guild has the gear they need from them... and at this point I'd rather be having fun than worry about how much DKP I have to use for Ulduar. I have a ton of fun raiding on my mage, when I get the opportunity to pug. Our guild rules are strict as far as waiting until mains have cleared everything for the week, so I would need to wait until Sun/Mon and then pug like crazy on my mage and risk guildies getting pissy because I make time to raid on my mage but not my main who they really could use in 25's. And here comes the guilt factor again. I've told a few people I'm taking a break from Wow for a bit and have been running around on alts, by now my poor mage is feeling neglected. Is it wrong not to play a character out of fear of guilt? I am really messed up in the head today... I know I will want my druid to be my main for Ulduar, but I just can't bring myself to get excited about raiding right now aside from Sarth 3D, which we have yet to down... which leads to more frustration... I think I'll quit this rant while I'm... ahead? Behind? Before I shove my foot too far in my mouth, let's just put it that way. =P


  1. I'm right there with you. We don't raid as often as you do, we are more casual, it seems, but surely I shall bleed from the eyes if if have to step foot in Naxx too many more times before the patch! Hang in there... T8 is coming =)
    p.s. thanks for the blogroll link =)

  2. Any DPS that can sit there with a straight face and tell a healer their job is harder then a Healer's needs to be smacked!! The first thing I did when I took over leading our Caster DPS was to let them know that their job is easy in compared to a Healers or Tanks so they can stop whinning now! This of course is coming from someone who raided on a Healer for 3 years.

    It is sad when you no longer enjoy your main, or the current content. I think a lot of us are there right now. So I feel your pain, and know you are not alone!!

  3. Thanks Blessing! I respecced feral and am having a bit more fun. =D I'm sure I'll go back to resto, but I enjoy feral as well... plus I am having a blast on my mage and shammy right now, so even if healing raids is not my focus I am still enjoying the game. Tonight's plan is to run a friend's alts through a bunch of lower level 60-70 level instances... kinda psyched to see just how much my druid can solo by herself! =)