Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Placing Blame

I have to admit, my guild is great about not solely blaming healers for things going wrong. When we wipe or cannot do something we look at all participants in the raid, not just the healers. I bring this up because I just read the following on another blog:

"I got into a PuG Naxx last night on my Warrior. I was very excited about Patchwerk even though we ended up not downing him due to healers letting tanks die."

Now, this may have been the case. The healers might have sucked ass. But in a fight where tanks are getting beaten on as hard as Patch hits you really need to take into account that maybe it's not the healers' fault... maybe the tanks aren't up to par (especially in a pug where people might not be as geared as they would in a regular guild run)... maybe, just maybe one is not defense capped, or has low parry/block/dodge... things to consider folks. =(

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