Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Food For Thought

Disclaimer... the below made me giggle, I do not, however, necessarily agree with it! =)

Quote of the day from the WoW forums:

"How to avoid bad pugs: Never play with people who show The Explorer, Challenger, or Jenkins."

I have none of these, I wonder if that makes me a good candidate for a pug... I admit I did gleefully display my Merrymaker title in January and Elder as well, I'm just a holiday loving kind of person... hopefully Champion Of The Frozen Wastes makes up for that? =P


  1. awww but I like my Explorer title! lol! I'll admit, I do have Jenkins, too, but don't display it. But just because I did the explorer quests doesn't mean I'm a bad person to have in a raid! I have Champion of the Naaru too! lol!