Saturday, April 10, 2010

10 Man Goodness

I am a proud member of a 25 man raiding guild, but man do I love 10 man raiding. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy 25 man raiding and success either, but 10 man is so much more... intimate, fast, productive? I don't know the word to use. It's less chaotic, less dramatic, less frustrating, and more productive. We did 9 of 12 bosses in ICC last night in 2.5 hours. Two of which I had never seen us succeed at, and we two shotted both. Our portal healers rocked Dreamwalker, and I kicked some raid healing ass on the outside, thanks Zan and Ghost! And Blood Queen was cake. Maybe it's because we've been working on her in 25's, but it was so much easier with just 10 people. The night before we also (though I was absent) finally got Dreamwalker and BQ down in 25 man. Time to visit Prof and Sindy in 25's on Sunday! We only raid three nights a week. We consider ourselves a casual guild, but when it comes to raiding we get serious. I love working on a boss, feeling that frustration, but also watching us learn and improve each attempt. When we finally do get it it's a wonderful feeling!

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